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Twinning Project RO 06/IB/JH-04: Increasing Cooperation Effectiveness between the Institutions involved in Fighting against Drugs

2008 - 2009

Beschreibung / Description

The Overall Project Objective

To contribute to Romania’s alignment to the European Drug policies, hence to build the premises for the decreasing of the drug supply and drug demand in Romania

The Project Purpose

To enhance the development of integrated management systems within the growing stakeholders’ networks involved in the application of anti drug policies in Romania

Projects Components

  1. National Anti-Drug Agency’s Institutional development plan elaborated
  2. Counties strategic plans developed and implemented in pilot counties
  3. Integrated management information system (IMIS) developed and implemented in pilot counties
  4. Increasing the human resources capacity building in management and coordination knowledge and skills, in drug addiction care, in project management, National Development Planning and EU Structural Funds Programming, in performing qualitative and quantitative studies regarding epidemiological key indicators and core indicators, in strategic drug supply data analysis and statistics, in developing and providing advanced trainings on drug addiction
  5. The National Anti-Drug Agency’s Communication strategy consisting in both internal and external communication plans developed and implemented
  6. Enhancing the integration and quality of services delivered by Drug Prevention, Evaluation and Counselling Centres and other specialised services providers into community

Projekt leader: Mrs Doris Sarrazin, LWL
Resident twinning advisor: Marcus-Sebastian Martens

Projektleitung / Project Coordinator

Beteiligte MitarbeiterInnen/ Involved Researchers

Förderung / Funding