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CSI – Civil Society Involvement in Drug Policy

November 2016 - Oktober 2018

Beschreibung / Description

This project aims at enhancing meaningful civil society involvement (CSI) in the development and implementation of drug policies on national and European levels. The project contributes to the European Drug Strategy and Action Plans and the work of civil society in that regard. It will ameliorate processes and results of genuine and meaningful civil society involvement. It will increase the quality, social support and final impact of the strategy and action plans to develop health- and rights-based drug policies. With a structural and formalised CSI, national policies will be better equipped to contribute to a measurable reduction of drug-related health and social risks and harms. Structural and formalised CSI also contributes to a better dissemination of monitoring, research and evaluation results and a better understanding of all aspects of the drugs phenomenon and of the impact of interventions in order to provide sound and comprehensive evidence-base for policies.

The project will include the following Work Packages:

  • Project coordination (WP 0)
  • Assessment of CSI within Europe (WP 1)
  • Development of a roadmap for CSOs and policy makers with guidance for successful CSI (WP 2)
  • Development and implementation of national action plans on a pilot scale in 6 European countries (WP 3)
  • Organization of 6 national and a European CSI event (WP 4)

Within the project, the Centre for Interdisciplinary Addiction Research is responsible for the coordination of Work Packages 1 and 2:

WP1: Assessment (ZIS)

In the first stage an assessment of current CSI will be made for the 28 European member states. This includes a stakeholder and situation analysis, desk research, identification of good practice examples, standardized written interviews and expert interviews.

WP2: Roadmap (ZIS)

With the input from WP1 a roadmap will be compiled, which provides guidance for the development and implementation of effective and sustainable civil society structures in the field of drug policy. Based on the first assessment, we will prepare a draft document with recommendations for national implementations. The final roadmap will be based on the full assessment and experience of the pilot countries.

Project Partners

  • De Regenboog Groep, Amsterdam (Project Coordination)
  • Ana Liffey Foundation, Dublin
  • APDES, Porto
  • Initiative for Health, Sofia
  • UTRIP, Ljubljana
  • LILA, Milan
  • Forum Drogue, Rome

Projektleitung / Project Coordinator

Beteiligte MitarbeiterInnen/ Involved Researchers

Förderung / Funding

Co-Funded by the European Union, DG Home