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HCV Treatment as Prevention in Europe: Model Projections of Impact And Strengthening Evidence Base On Intervention Coverage and Effect and HCV Morbidity

April 2014 - Nov 2015

Beschreibung / Description

The project includes two work streams that aim to develop the case and strengthen the evidence on how cities and countries in Europe can prevent HCV infection and its consequences.

WS1.1: Model projections of intervention impact: we will adapt an existing HCV transmission model for use in different European sites, which will consider (i) the likely impact of recent levels of intervention coverage (Opiate Substitution Treatment, Needle & Syringe Programmes, HCV treatment) on HCV prevalence over the next 10-20 years – including impact of new HCV antiviral treatments; (ii) what combination and level of intervention coverage is required to decrease HCV prevalence by 1/3 or ½ within 10-20 years.

WS1.2 Intervention coverage: Model projections will be based on data provided by local sites:- PWID prevalence, HCV prevalence, genotype distribution, coverage of OST & NSP, HCV treatment rates and cure rates. WS2.1: Effectiveness of primary prevention: published and unpublished studies that measure HCV incidence and intervention coverage will be identified and collated in a new meta-analysis and systematic review. WS2:2 Evidence synthesis: we will assess uncertainty and data available in 1.2 and scope opportunity for conducting multiple-parameter evidence synthesis in Europe.

Projektleitung / Project Coordinator

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Förderung / Funding

EU Drug Prevention Information Programme