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European Initiative Hepatitis C and drug use

Januar 2013 - Dezember 2014

Beschreibung / Description

Viral hepatitis affects more than half a billion people worldwide and is a major public health problem in Europe, where it disproportionately affects injecting drug users. On average, 60% of injecting drug users (IDUs) are estimated to have hepatitis C, and in several countries the vast majority, over 90% of people who inject drugs (PWID), are believed to be living with hepatitis C.

The project brings together more than 30 organisations – networks, grass root organisations, NGO’s, health institutes and universities –  all of them working in the field of infection deseases. The aim of the project is, to contribute to the improvement of knowledge and capacities and to create synergy in order to rise awareness on the issue. A resource centre on hepatitis C and drug use materials will synthesise the results of project activities.

Projektleitung / Project Coordinator

Beteiligte MitarbeiterInnen/ Involved Researchers

Förderung / Funding

Drug Prevention Information Programme